Important Information

Please note that all orders placed will be sent for immediate processing. Once the order is fully processed by the team (generally within 24hrs of placing the order), a confirmation email will be sent to the purchaser. This confirmation email acknowledges completion of the order, and acceptance by the purchasing team. Orders may be subject to cancellation by the team during processing, generally under exceptional circumstances. In such occassions, the confirmation email will not be sent, and a full refund will be immediately arranged by the Customer Services team.

Once fully processed, we shall endeavour to deliver the product to you as soon as possible, and in any event within 31 days of placing your order, unless you have agreed to a later delivery date. If we are unable to deliver the product within that time we will email to let you know and to give you an estimated delivery date. In these circumstances you have the right to cancel the order and receive a full refund. Orders that are delayed due to Royal Mail service issues are not factored into the time frame that  gives for delivery estimations, nor are we accountable for this time for delivery.  All new orders are deemed separate, and each is treated individually.